Sensato Del Patio

Dominicano Sensato del Patio is the nerdy reggateonero with glasses. He’s the smaller one with the round shiny head in the Pitbull remix of Del Patio’s underground hit, Whatagatapitusberry. He’s also the brains (along with Black Point) behind the hit that’s had everyone asking “what?” for the last year.

“Watagatpitusberry” was born when the two Domincan reggaetoneros imagined the story of a Dominicano who doesn’t speak English trying to spit his game at a pretty young thing. They played with the storyline one night, improvising in Spanish and wondering: What does he say when she says “spaghetti”? Whatagatapitusberry. What? Yeah, that’s what everyone’s been asking while shaking their berries ever since.

The single, released in August 2009, got everyone including Pitbull asking and wondering and asking some more. In the spring of 2010, Pitbull rounded up Del Patio, Black Point, Lil Jon and El Cata for a video remix that quickly became a hit and launched Del Patio into the global mainstream. Since then Del Patio has appeared with Pitbull at clubs around the country, including a televised performance of “Watagatapitusberry” for Premios Juventud last year (and in which Black Point was oddly left out).

The Bronx-bred Sensato is riding high off of his “Whatagatapitusberry” success with the release of a new single and video, Mis Hijos, from his album, La Gran Manzana (The Mix Tape), (Tiburon Records, 2009). His playful, Spanish-only rhymes and hip-hop, electro-pop merengue beats are quickly making the wire-rimmed reggaetonero the genre’s newest darling.

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